Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Mental Health Day

Today has been a really negative day. It doesn't help that with the wind chill it feels like is negative five outside. So just like yesterday, today is going to be mostly wordless too. Because Im in a really bad mood right now and posts should contain more than four letter explicatives.  

Heres a picture of our rotten dog. 

She does really dumb things sometimes. Like eating lots of these:

They're stored in a pail in the laundry room behind a locked gate that she has to hop. She only has time to do these things when I'm in the shower, shoveling, getting the garbage cans before they blow 6 blocks away... Why?! Seriously... WHY is it necessary to demolish the fluff? Ugh. Damn dog.


Anonymous said...

oh my gosh that bites

Lillian said...

i would cry if our dog wrecked our diapers. :( im sorry!

not that it matters when youre having a really bad day- but shes a very pretty dog!

Chrystal - Adorn on a Shoestring said...

Hi, I'm following back from Adorn on a Shoestring. Thanks for visiting my blog!

:) Chrsytal