Friday, February 18, 2011

100 FB Fan WetBag Giveaway!

Well La Dee Dah!
We have officially reached 100 on Facebook. Okay- Im lying. Its 96 and one of them is me! But I dont care. I want to start this now! Its my page and I can if I want to!
Thanks to all the Mamas that helped spread the word. I really do appreciate it. 
So lets get the weekend started with the Kushies Wet Bag giveaway.
I could be all "BlahBlahBlah This is why I love these." 
But Im going to just steal the description from 
Kushies "On the Go" Wet Bags - 2 Large.
Kushies “on-the-go” waterproof wet bags are perfect for storing soiled diapers, dirty clothes and bibs, wet swimsuits or anything you want to keep separate while away from home. You can also use them to store a spare set of clothes, extra diapers or even a favorite toy. PVC, BPA, Lead and Phtalate free.

Good Stuff.

To Enter To Win: 
You MUST be a follower on Google Friend Connect. That little box over there that says Followers. ----->  
Leave me a comment saying you follow and let me know what you would use these bags for. I know not all of us are crazy cloth diaper lovers.+1 comment

Follow Him Me and The Wee Three on Facebook. +1 comment

Share this on Facebook in your status letting your friends/followers know whats going on linking Him Me and The Wee Three. +1 comment 
 You can do this once a day. Remember to come back and leave a comment saying you did.
So there you have it. 3 comments today and one more per day between Saturday and Tuesday. Lots of chances to win.

This will run until 11:59pm EST Tuesday 2/22/11
This is sponsored by no one other than myself. Thanks for helping me clear our my closets.
Good Luck!

A Fancy Schmancy Hop

In my opinion (not that ya'll really give a rats ass) but today should be called Social Parade Friday
Every other page I've come across is hosting a Hop. Thats not a bad thing. 

However I like this one bunches!

My Boy. Hes not spicy. In fact hes rather pasty.
My cat. Nonexistent. I have a FurBeast dog.
My Fat Ass. Is Fab-U-Lous*!!  
 *Thank You Nike Yoga Pants for creating this optical illusion

A spicy boy, A cat, and My Fat Ass is getting a 6 in 1 hop off the ground. Stop by her page and link up all the stuff you have going on.

facebook Friday

facebook can be a great social media tool and it has helped me gain some exposure. However, I'm not to sure how I feel about all of the changes that have been made. Being able to interact as your "Fan Page" is great. But when you "Like" someone from that page the numbers do not count for the person you are now following. In an attempt to keep my personal page from turning into a streaming commercial and help support fellow bloggers pages, I have created another personal page to use as the Admin for Him Me and The Wee 3. As if any of us need more complications!
Click the facebook Friday logo and head on over to Real Mom Reviews to link up with the Hop. Feel free to leave her a comment and let her know who sent you.    

Follow Me Friday

Welcome to Follow Me Friday! This is a great way to find new blogs and make new friends and get new followers. 

Here is all you have to do:

Head on over to Still On The Verge and link up there.

I'm rather busy today so I wont get the chance to find new people to stalk until later. My Follow Me Friday will be more like Stay Up Till The Wee Hours Saturday. Either way- I'm looking forward to participating. 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

They Like Me! They really Like Me!

A gigantical Thank You Very Much goes out to Mama Bee Does (Formally Thrifty Mama B), What Mama Wants, Biehl Adventures, and The Cloth Spring for plugging me from their facebook pages. I even got my very own post on Mama Bee Does. You can find that HERE. Kinda makes me feel like a rock star! If you're reading this and you don't follow those Mamas yet, you should. 

Right now. 


We're about 30 Likes away on Facebook  from starting the Fluffy stuff giveaway! Im super excited to get this stuff out of my house. My not so little man doesn't fit in Large gDiapers anymore, I already have all of the BG artist series and Ive never tried a Fuzzi Bunz. I don't want to either. I do not want need to feed the fluff addiction! If you don't already- Click the little Thumbs Up and Like us over on our FB page. Share it with your friends and have them follow along. 

 The original post about what/when I will be doing these giveaways can be found

Or Dingle Berry as I prefer to call it. And yes- I know that refers to something gross. I have 3 boys. Everything is my life is some variation of gross these days!

So yeah... I'm laying here wide awake despite being up and on the go for 19 long hours and needing to be up in a short 6. I have a serious case of brain diarrhea. The crap just keeps on running! I also can't help but think that I'm the other half to a pretty rad guy. (That statement is not diarrhea related.) If he were here I would just shove him, steal the covers back and tell him that I love him. But he's not and I don't want to call/txt him and wake him up. 4 more days and then the bed hog will be home.  *sigh*

He text me after reading this silly little post  and said something along the lines of 'Stop entertaining the thought of home schooling Keegan. You're out of your F*¤king mind. Your helmet is in the garage.' I love that he is just so supportive! Hahaha. I really have no idea how we're going to continue spending only 5-10 days together a month until at least 2013. WTF does Long Island need Forest Rangers for anyway? Or Faarrist Range-ah's if you're from there. Its a sand bar! There is state land but no real forests to be ranged. 

Not that 'ranging forests' is even what he does exactly- but it sounded good!

Ugh. I digress.

Not really...

You know what else completely sucks about where his career has him located? My over opinionated ovaries. Those bitches are outta control lately! There are babies everywhere! They're like ants crawling out of the wood work on an unseasonably warm day. They're just flying out of the womb all around me. As if all of my friends experienced a complete stoppage of life and had nothing better to do for a series of 4 months or so other than to pro create. Seriously- there is like 14 babies due in the next 120 days. Never mind the 4 in the last 4 weeks. Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled for all of these new little lives. New parents. New Big Brothers and Big Sisters. Its amazing. Our baby is only 14 months. But I'm convinced I want need another one. Well- WE are convinced we need one. Not just me. 

I have baby envy. Don't judge. Its a real thing. Ask my reproductive system. She'll tell ya all about it
However- One cannot plan these things when dealing with 550 miles between 2 people and random trips home. Throw in my  issues with ' random boughts of infertility' that are briefly described over here if youre interested and it just seems like a lost cause. I know I have 3 great children, but AJ and Kegger are from my previous marriage and RD and I would like 2 of our own. 4 is a good number. I've always wanted a big family. 3 leaves C-Dub all alone when the Big Brovers go away for the weekend. Its really sad when he stands in the front window looking for them. There is other reasons too, of course. But that one breaks my heart.

Enough nonsense for one night. My brain could use some of the Pink Stuff... Or maybe a good glass of red...

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Monday, February 14, 2011

I Gotta Confess...

All this Valentines Day speak makes me wanna choke.
There. I said it.

*HUGE sigh of relief*
 Dont leave me a comment and go all:
"Well just because your man isnt over the top romantical with the flowers, balloons, cards, and stuffed dust collectors should you feel the need to rain on our parade."

That would make me want to choke you. 
The simple fact is, my love is not here and he hasnt been for over a month. 7 more days to go until he gets to come HOME for just a few days. Days that pass like years when he is gone and seconds when he is here.
Ugh. Choke again. Enough with the personal sappy stuff.
In honor of Valentines Day and so I'm not a complete drag, I give you this grossly mushy song (that I love more than I'm willing to admit)  from a movie that makes me cry like a blubbering idiot just a little bit.


And because I know he reads this even though he doesn't really mention it: I cant wait until you come home so I can shower without 3 kids tormenting the dog and burning the house down we can crank this and dance in the kitchen.