Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

The Thinks That Keep Me Awake

I cannot believe how quickly the days seem to be flying by.Twenty Eleven so far has seen Ranger Dick turn thirty five. The little man turned sixteen months on the first of April. AJ's ninth birthday has come and gone. Keegan is already talking about how we are in the last ten weeks of school. Which to him means summer summer summer and more summer! Then he gets to be seven. Apparently that is the coolest thing to him. Seven is a big deal in his world. No clue why. It just is. Before he turns seven, I will be coming up on my ten year high school reunion. Ten. Ten years. TEN FREAKING YEARS!!! Holy Crap. If Ive been out of high school for ten years.... Keegan is turning seven and than days later I'll be twenty... twenty... twenty eight... TWENTY FREAKING EIGHT!!! That is worse than TEN FREAKING YEARS!!! I am SOOOO on the wrong side of twenty five. Right now, I can see thirty. Its there, off in the distance. A glorious mountain that I am not within walking distance of. But it is visible from where I stand. By October I will be well on my way to climbing that mountain. I'm going to be working on changing my mindset. Rather than not knowing if I'm ready for thirty, I want to know if thirty is ready for me! 

Accolades, Education, Experiences... None of that has given me more sense of accomplishment than these guys have.

Keegan 6 Ayden 9 Colden 15mns
There is more to me than just being their Mom.  But if there wasn't, I would be okay with that too.

Wait a minute... If I'm creeping up on twenty eight... Colden is almost... TWO?!?!