Saturday, February 26, 2011

Its a Sunday Hop!

What a great way to find new blogs and learn new things.
Follow me and I will follow you back! Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


Friday, February 25, 2011

gDiaper Giveaway!

grubby knees grey

I really had no idea I would have reached 150 followers on facebook this quick. I do suppose that is what happens when you're bribing people with fluff! I'm sure my cute kids help at least a little bit. :)
 I LOVE gdiapers and consider them my "gateway drug" into using cloth. They're easy to use, versatile (use with flushies or cloth) and can be found at a few chain stores making them the
1st thing most people think of when they think of modern cloth. 

galatic blue

A lucky follower will win ONE gDiaper in a size Large from their choice of the colors above.

Colden rockin his custom Mama made gDiaper

To Enter To Win: 
You MUST be a follower on Google Friend Connect. That little box over there that says Followers. ----->
Leave me a comment saying you follow and let me know what color you would choose if you win. +1 comment (total. not daily.)

Follow Him Me and The Wee Three on Facebook. +1 comment (total. not daily.)

Share this on Facebook in your status letting your friends/followers know whats going on linking Him Me and The Wee Three. +1 comment 
 You can do this once a day. Each permalink must be a unique code for that day and I must show a tag from you on my page for this entry to be valid. Remember to come back and leave a comment saying you did.

This will run until 11:59pm EST Friday 3/4/11
This is sponsored by no one other than myself. Thanks for helping me clear our my closets.
Good Luck!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Giveaway Winner

Sorry for the delay. Blogger and I were not getting along this morning. The Winner (Heather I.) was announced on facebook and emailed me back almost immediately. Congrats to her on winning the Kushies Wetbags. 

Next up at 150 Likes is a gdiaper in your choice of one of these colors in a size Large.


As soon as we get the 150 I will start the giveaway here on a new post. Share Him Me and The Wee Three with your friends on facebook so we can get this going! Thanks and Good Luck.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fellow Bloggers, I need your help!

Life with the Dietrichs

My Handsome Schmandsome Son Colden is in a photo contest on Facebook. He recently modeled a hat for the shop "Adventures in Yarn". The photographer that took the pictures is running her own contest with a few of the shots she took. The winner gets a free matted and framed 8x10 of one of the prints. Would any of you be willing to head over to the page and comment on his picture for me? I'd really appreciate it :)  So would Ranger Dick... He dies inside a little more each time I spend money on pictures! HaHaHa 

(No really. I'm breaking him!)

Here is the picture she selected for the contest
This snuggly kid just rocks my socks!

Her facebook page is Bossy Photographer

Leave my lil man some comment love and make sure you comment on her fab work.
While you're at it you could check out Adventures In Yarn.
Both of these ladies do great work.

Thanks Mommas! (And some Daddy's too!)

Monday, February 21, 2011

Learn Something New Tuesday

Life with the Dietrich's

This fun little meme belongs to Katie at Life with the Dietrich's. Click the button to go to her page and link up.  

Learn Something New Tuesday
This weeks theme is PETS

1. Have any animals?
Leena: The 18mn old Cloth Diaper Loving Eating FurBeast German Shepard 
she only looks inocent

2. Favorite animal?
Armadillo. My horrible rotten meanie dad wouldn't get me one when I was little. 
google image
3. If you could have any animal, what would it be?
See Above. 
The Armadillo. Not the Dog. I'd trade her in.

4. Pet any weird animals?
PacMan Frog. So Gross. Never again. Ugh... The things we do for our children.
google image

5. Ever been to a drive through safari?
When I was in Kindergarten I went to a private Catholic school. There was like 30 of us (the entire school) with 5 Nuns on a bus heading into the one in Canada. I'm pretty sure the things the Monkeys were doing on the hood of that bus were not G Rated or suitable for Children or Nuns to be watching! Rather then busting out a Cig when there were done, they ripped the wipers, side mirrors, and some chrome reflectors off the bus. Oh- they really do fling poo. I have NEVER taken my kids there! I'm 27 and still traumatized. 

6. What zoos have you been to, what is your favorite one?

Toronto, Cleveland, Pittsburg, Buffalo, Rochester, Seneca... Mostly ones in NY.  I like the Toronto Zoo. Its huge. I dont think Ive ever seen the whole place in one trip.

Ahh.... Monday with The Mister

I just have to take a minute to share how pretty fab it is to have Mike home. I made an awesome dinner last night and actually had someone here to appreciate it. The boys usually say something along the lines of 'Can't I have frosted mini wheats?' Or 'I just want mac n cheese.'

It gets really old.

We watched a chick flick and he laughed when I laughed and laughed at me when I cried. Much better than crying alone!

He went and picked up the kids at 8 this morning from a sleep over because there is no school today. 

That means he let the dog out, he fed her and he shoveled. I went back to sleep.

When they got back the baby was awake. He took care of him too. Bottle, breakfast and the daily morning poop. I love not starting my Monday with a stinky load of baby crap.

I'm currently laying in bed listening to what sounds like the Mister starting the Keurig. Ahh... That sound totally drowns out the boys yelling about god only knows what and the baby running through the house with my bra saying 'moms moms moms.'

Please please please dont screw up my coffee...

I suppose not sleeping alone and having him to cuddle up with all night is the icing on the cake. Mmm... Cake. I wonder if I can get him to make one.