Wednesday, February 9, 2011

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

This is the boy that helps make school lunches.

 This is the bag of random napkins I keep in the cabinet.

This is the lunch box that was brought home yesterday...

... by this boy who never remembers to wipe his face.

Today I'm really thankful these were left unused!

Mommy Fail: 1   Mommy: 0


barryandkatja said...

I'm glad Ayden Boy was wearing his glasses , at first blush , I thought he was a poinsettia! The hair thing with you was sometimes an issue as well. Yes I know, the more thing change , the more they stay the same! It's just hair, It'll grow out! Bla bla bla... I get it! It's just hallucinogenic hair, It'll gross out!(I need to get my eyes checked out for flash backs!)

barryandkatja said...

Ahhh. Keegan, my little boy. You validate me as a grandfather and I just Love you like peaches ! Proof that our children get what they deserve! Me and You Kiddo, we'll be drinking buddys !