Monday, April 25, 2011

Word Vomit Part 1

What a long, draining 8 weeks it has been around here. I really hate complaining- which is partially why I haven't done much in the writing dept lately. But mostly- I'm just to busy. I haven't had the time to just sit and write. I'm not one of the lucky ones that has the ability to put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, and have the words just flow. That rarely happens for me. Especially lately. Everything seems to take the last ounce of energy I have.

That being said- I've been having some health issues over the last year that  have drained me and its taken way to much time to get some answers. I'm zapped of all energy. I feel like I could sleep for a month. Now that I have answers, I make some changes and wait. In the mean time- I have to try my hardest to go to bed not long after the kids do. If that means the laundry sits in the hamper, the dishwasher goes unloaded, I don't vacuum the dog for the 3rd time that day (yes- I really do that) or I don't get the 'me' time to sit and write- then I just don't. I've was feeling really down that I haven't been able to put as much effort into writing and reviews/giveaways as I have wanted to. But that extra 90 minutes of sleep has been good for me.

I am the proud owner of the worlds easiest 16mn old. I try not to brag- but seriously- he's freakin amazing. Up at 830am, poop, eat, play, eat, nap at noon, sleep till 3 or 4, poop, eat, play, eat, play, poop, play, eat, play, bed at 830pm, sleep all night. He doesn't cry. He doesn't whine. He's not very vocal. But he knows enough signs to get what he wants and he follows directions better than most Soldiers. He's... Easy. The little girl I watch that is the same age as Cole, Monday through Friday 630am-430pm... Not so easy! (Sorry Char!) I've never seen such a small human not require sleep! If she sleeps for more than 30 minutes, I'm worried something is wrong! She's good- but not so easy! Now that I can't sneak in a nap during the day I'm wiped out by the time the oldest 2 come home at 4.

My poor big kids. I'm amazed I haven't been finding little crumpled up notes in their pockets about their new found MomZilla or hearing them pray at night that they think they want to go live with their dad. I wouldn't blame them. I'm not much fun lately.

AJ is 9, reasonably self sufficient and would space out into electronic world if I let him. I will fully admit that I have allowed him to play 4hrs of video games just so there was some peace between him and his brother. Other than a reminder to pick up after himself and double check his homework, he's easy too. As long as he isn't being forced to play with Keegan.

Ahh... Keegan. The 35yr old, divorced, disgruntled, laid off union employee trapped in a 6yr old body. That is how I see my son. I mean- there is plenty of good, too, of course. But that pretty much covers his personality. He hates things made in China. I had to peel the stickers off his new bike when I found him trying to figure out where it was made. Most of his clothes are tag-less after I found him throwing out clothes that didn't say Made in USA. He's a smart, compassionate, blunt, whirling dervish poster child for all things ADHD and unidentified emotional disorder. Basically- he's my ex husband. I live with a shorter version of my ex husband that I cannot divorce! But oh my goodness do I ever love that kid. So much so that it actually hurts. Words cannot describe. But he is e x h a u s t i n g. . .

Keegan is his father and AJ is me. That pretty much sums up their relationship, too. They're like a bitter divorced couple. I had no idea two brothers, less than three years apart could be so completely different. No wonder I'm so beat. Thank goodness the lil one has different genetics! 

They sure are handsome lil things, though!