Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Mmmm.... Lunch

Monday, May 2, 2011

I'm Up For The Challange!

What kind of challenge you may ask...  

The Get Your Sparkle Back challenge of course!

You can read all about it over at Katie's page. She is The Sparkle Mama and you're almost always guaranteed a good laugh no matter the subject matter. 

She had this great idea to get us crazy fluff addicts cloth diaper users motivated. Get about twenty of us to join and we all add one new diaper into the pool. The highest percentage lost in thirty days wins ten, second and third each win five. (Or whatever it works out to be depending on how many of us join). Honestly- I don't need any more diapers. We have plenty. So I'm working on winning a starter stash for someone else while hoping to get a handle on my recent diagnosis of PCOS. I will, however, be checking out any brands I may win that I dont already own!

I dont have a set game plan. I was really hesitant to join. I feel I'm at a slight disadvantage. I'm the only adult in my house. The Mister is away for work. We're not talking  for two or three days. I mean hes gone for weeks and weeks and weeeeeks. Right now we are creeping up on six weeks apart. He'll be home for a few days towards the end of May while we take the kids to a water park in Pennsylvania. Then its back to work he goes. 550 miles away.

I dont get the chance to go to the gym, for a run, swimming, etc. I always have my three boys, the little girl I watch forty hours a week, and whatever neighborhood kids happen by that day. I shuttle them to tutors, trumpet, karate and hip-hop. I sleep four to five hours at night and run on coffee and shear will power!

I. Am. Exhausted.

But.... No more excuses. I'm in this to win it! 

That being said, I should probably step away from the Jelly Beans!
Maybe I'll aim for 2nd or 3rd place :)

Although it was not required- I have decided to lay it all out there. I am going to post a picture taken today AND my weight. I'm not totally comfortable with the woman I have become physically since having children- but I'm not embarrassed to be me.  I have come to realize I am not the 140lb, athletic, SEVENTEEN year old I was when I had my first son. I'm a woman. I was a child then. That realization alone has increased my confidence in myself.

Its just that... My curves have developed curves and its about time I reign them in a bit!

So here I am. The competition!
27 years old
A mother of 3 boys ages 9, 6 and 16 months
I'm 5'6 and a size 14

My weight.... Drum Roll Please....

cell phone for proof of date visible in the original submission pic

Yeppers... that says 213.2

I have that lovely 3x C-Section belly that resembles that of those starving children you see on late night infomercials.
My life long battle with the Hungarian arms has recently been lost. 
My "Bingo Wings" make 65 year old lunch ladies jealous. 
Oh yeah... I went there.
So there you have it. Please pardon my excessive bitchyness while I attempt to whip my ass into shape to put some fluff on another babies butt. You hear that, Eliott?! This is all your fault
Good Luck All!