Monday, December 13, 2010

You Can't Make This Stuff Up

About an hour ago, while in the middle of the "Go get ready for bed" chaos that is the eight o'clock hour in my house, my dad called. He called to check on my boys and let me know that he got my link. He was proud to announce that he is my first official stalker  follower. In typical fatherly fashion, he questioned my plans and what I was going to write about. Then this happened:

Me: "Gentleman. Go get pajamas on and brush your teeth."

Amazingly I only had to say it once.
Five minutes later:

Me: "What is all over you!? What did you do?"
AJ: "Well. Umm. I was going pee. Uh, and I had an itch on my arm. Mom.... I peed on myself. And the floor. And the garbage can."
Me: "Are you serious? You peed on yourself? Who itches their arm while holding their junk?!!!"

That's right, it says AJ. Ayden Joshua. Not Keegan. Not the child that usually gives into the urge to scrub my shower tiles during unsupervised teeth brushing. It was the other one. The kid dubbed "Neutron" by his classmates. The kid who is always helping his friends in class. Not my most proud moment involving him. But my father was cracking up. He then went on to answer his own question. "I guess that is what you'll be writing about."

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barryandkatja said...

Hard to think about as this may be, be thankful Ayden Boy wasn't scratching his tail feathers wile doing whatever it is that little boy do in the bathroom. Just an extension of signing his name in the snow ? Punctuation is tough at his age !