Monday, December 13, 2010

The Amazon/Swagbucks Shopping Spree

As most of you know, I have three little boys. Three LOUD little boys. They have manners. They usually know how to act in public. Usually. However, I cant shop for them when theyre with me. Even if I could I really wouldnt want to. I enjoy shopping alone. Since Mike is so far away I really dont have that option very often. So- I've become an internet shopping junkie over the last few years. With the lil man being only a year old, I can pretty much drag him all over hell while his "Super Brovers" are in school. (Think Super Grover from Sesame Street. Means well. Kinda slow. Wears a helmet.) But its sooo cold here I really dont like shopping with him either.

Enter my Amazon addiction. Adding fuel to the fire is my love of  Swagbucks. Its a search engine. Like Google, Bing etc. You earn swagbucks by searching, watching videos just like on YouTube, code hunts, completing offers, referring friends. Tons of ways. A $5 dollar Amazon gift card is only 450 swagbucks. You can stack an unlimited amout of these $5 dollar cards in your Amazon account and they cover shipping fees if you have any. You can also turn your swagbucks into cash through paypal gift cards. When C-Dub was born, RangerDick and I made the decision for me to not return to work or school. He's 550 miles away for 3-4 weeks at a time. Bouncing two boys with their own activities and a newborn around with sitters just wasn't an option. I wouldn't get them home until 10-1030 at night. That isn't something we were comfortable with.

Swagbucks and Amazon honestly closed a little bit of the missing money gap for us. If you sign up through that link, you'll start out with 30 swagbucks in your account and I will get a bonus for "referring" you.

Things that I have bought this year using these two wonderful sites:

Watch for RD's Xmas Gift

Mega Bloks Play 'n Go Table

Playskool Musical Activity Ball and Gear Center (Currently 9.99 Was 24.99)

Playskool - Push and Pull Activity Gears (Currently 7.99 Was 16.99)

Harry Potter Years 1-6 Giftset (Widescreen Edition) (Currently 39.99 I paid 24.99)

There is a few more things but these seem most relevent this time of year. My point is- there is a lot to be had for next to nothing. It takes a little bit of work but I can help. Looking for something specific? I may be able to help find it. Just ask.


All opinions are my own and I was in no way compensated for giving you my two cents.

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Anonymous said...

I wish there was a like button. I love Swagbucks.
And I am glad you put the Widget on your blog. Because I hate going to mine to check for codes, it's depressing.

Oh and if you need more incentive to join Swagbucks, I have been doing it less than a year and I have spent $50.00 at Amazon, and I have another $40 worth of Swagbucks to cash in. And I'll probably get another $10 before the end of the year. $100 in a year for doing nothing.