Monday, February 21, 2011

Learn Something New Tuesday

Life with the Dietrich's

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Learn Something New Tuesday
This weeks theme is PETS

1. Have any animals?
Leena: The 18mn old Cloth Diaper Loving Eating FurBeast German Shepard 
she only looks inocent

2. Favorite animal?
Armadillo. My horrible rotten meanie dad wouldn't get me one when I was little. 
google image
3. If you could have any animal, what would it be?
See Above. 
The Armadillo. Not the Dog. I'd trade her in.

4. Pet any weird animals?
PacMan Frog. So Gross. Never again. Ugh... The things we do for our children.
google image

5. Ever been to a drive through safari?
When I was in Kindergarten I went to a private Catholic school. There was like 30 of us (the entire school) with 5 Nuns on a bus heading into the one in Canada. I'm pretty sure the things the Monkeys were doing on the hood of that bus were not G Rated or suitable for Children or Nuns to be watching! Rather then busting out a Cig when there were done, they ripped the wipers, side mirrors, and some chrome reflectors off the bus. Oh- they really do fling poo. I have NEVER taken my kids there! I'm 27 and still traumatized. 

6. What zoos have you been to, what is your favorite one?

Toronto, Cleveland, Pittsburg, Buffalo, Rochester, Seneca... Mostly ones in NY.  I like the Toronto Zoo. Its huge. I dont think Ive ever seen the whole place in one trip.


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Thank you so much for visiting, commenting, and following me at Teens and a Toddler. I apologize it took me so long to catch up, but I am here now and following you back!

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thanks so much for linking up, hope to see you again next week

and that frog is super gross.

Tales of a Hockey Wife said...

Thank you for the blog visit and the comment. Is the animal safari you are talking about the one outside of Hamilton, ONT? I have heard the animals (used) to be pretty crazy there!

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