Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Yeah.... We're still alive!

I've had a few personal requests for a new post. I admit, I've been a horrible blogger. Blame the kids. Blame the dog. Blame summer and traveling! Blame the fact that I'm working again and actually sleeping by 11pm rather than up all hours of the night. Just dont blame laziness. Although that does play a small role.

Rather than be all wordy, I'm going to take the lazy visual route and post some new pics of our summer so far.

AJ boy


Colden Nugget

Picture perfect


Me and my Wee Three

He was watching a worm try and escape the container while fishing.

We've done a lot of fishing... and bobber losing.

There is plenty more. But I will save those for another day.

1st 6 images credit belongs to Bossy Photographer


kittynana said...

I will say this to my dying breath: You NEED to get itno photography. These images are stunning! And your boys are gorgeous......

Papa said...

Ah , Thanks my funny face , I needed that, ...love Dad !

Social Network Design said...

I totally agree with Kittynana.You must try in Photography.Can do wonders..Good to know about your family.

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