Friday, March 4, 2011

I Done Good!

Two days ago I received a link on facebook from a friend from back in the middle school/high school days. We've kept in touch on facebook but haven't seen each other in years. Hes a Soldier and played a huge part in Operation Red Dawn on December 13th, 2003. (Go Google it) 

I'm proud to say he was my "boyfriend" back in the day. (What were we- like 13?!) Which basically means he used to prank me when I was sleeping over my friends house. We'd spend hours on the phone and he liked to tell me I sucked at soccer. I cant believe how long ago that all was.

I digress...

He is participating in the Shamrock Run for Roswell Park Cancer Institute. I read his message and I made my donation. I shared the link and then carried on with my day. Cancer has touched so many of our lives. Its an awful fact and I hate it. It has taken family, friends, friends parents, and friends children. Plus countless others. It just breaks my heart.

I sat down earlier today to open a web site for my 9yr old and double checked the donation link to see what else has been raised. He was five dollars short of his personal five hundred dollar goal. Not bad for twenty four hours of collecting! I casually said out loud, to no one in particular (considering the only people in my house are children) "Wow! Only 5 bucks from his goal." then I went back to logging my son into his page. 
When I stood up from the desk and said "Here you go bud, its all set.", my beautiful boy said "Here you go Mom. Can you give this to your friend?" He handed me five crumpled up one dollar bills and said "Cancer is sad. I hope he wins the race." and he sat down to play his game.

I kissed his head and went upstairs. I shoved those hard earned dollar bills back in his bank and took a moment to let a few tears go. My boy. He can be so hard headed. Hes extremely intelligent and oh so lazy at the same time. Hes becoming a little man. More and more aware of the important things while still maintaining the traits that make him a little boy. He is compassionate and very genuine. I made the five dollar donation on his behalf and hope someday that he is able to hear that there is a cure for cancer. Maybe if he is young enough, he'll think its his five dollars that made all the difference.

I love you to the moon and back, AJ. You rock my socks kiddo.



Musings By Michele said...

thanks for following my blog, i am already following you. Congrats on instilling compassion and caring into your son. Sometimes it seems harder to do with boys, but you did do good!
Have a great weekend!

Tales of a Hockey Wife said...

this is a nice post to close my computer down on for the night!

What a thoughtful should be proud!


M said...

That was so sweet of him! :)
Have a great weekend!

kittynana said...

Reflects his parenting, Mom

KarilynAley said...

oooh that is so amazing! what a great kid!

Not Just Another Mother Blogger! said...

Your story got me all teary. Kids are just plain amazing sometimes!

Anonymous said...

You might not always realize it, but youre doing a great job.

barryandkatja said...

This reminds me of a hair cut you had to have one time. For one brief moment, when I came to the top of the stairs I didn't recognize you and that hurt me some. Over the weekend , you explained to me the why of all that beautiful but missing auburn chestnut brown hair. Somethings should never change. I still remember that feeling and I still remember your reasons. Thank You for a beautiful grandson, somethings must never change